Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lost In Space

We had a great week.  We studied all about the moon.  We learned that the moon has lots of craters.  We also learned that the moon has 8 phases.  We are each taking turns taking home the moon bag. Inside the bag there is a moon folder, "The Disappearing Moon", black construction paper, white crayons and pencils and the directions for moon watching.  The directions were to go outside with a parent when it was dark outside and find the moon and draw it on the black paper.  We also labeled which phase it was in.  The moon watcher reports back to the class and each student draws it in their daily moon log.  We chose from 3 different projects.  The moon mobile was one project.  We made a mobile out of black circles.  We colored in the phases with a white crayon.  We taped them in order of the phases of the moon on black string.  They are too cool!  We also made a moon book out of aluminum foil.  Inside, we wrote what we the facts we each thought were important in our books. They are displayed on our wall to show how smart we are!  The last project was made using a white paper circle and  glue to make the craters on the moon.  Once the glue dried, they painted over it with blue paint.  Once that part was complete, each student wrote what they learned about the craters on the moon.  We learned so many things about the moon that were interesting!  We loved doing the projects that showed everyone what we learned.

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