Saturday, February 16, 2013

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!

We celebrated 100th Day of School. It was a blast. We started off the day with writing our numbers to 100. When we were finished, we made 100 Day hats to wear for the day. During our calendar time we wrote down 100 books we have read in the classroom. We also shared our 100 Day projects. Our class really showed some creative ways to show 100 things. After lunch we each brought in pennies to add to our schools penny quilt. The money went to charity when we were finished. During math, we made 100 Day Mix. We counted out each ingredient . Once we were finished counting, we mixed it all up and we each got a bowl. We sorted , counted , graphed and last but no means least, we ate our mix. Our last activity for the day was to make a book of things we could do 100 times. We also included what our mother tells us to do 100 times, what our teacher tells us to do 100 times and what we would do with $100. They had some hilarious answers. It was a great day!👌

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