Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jabber The Reteller

This week in our mini lessons, we have introduced more reading strategies.  Jabber the Reteller is one of the ones we introduced.  Jabber the Reteller retells the story in his own words.  We have been practicing this all week.  After each read aloud, we "turn and talk" to our friend beside us and tell what you liked about the story.  This week, they retold the story"Pigsty"  in their own words.  They did a fantastic job.  Here is "turn and talk" in action.  They had so much to retell, they ask for 2 more minutes!  Once we finished, each student wrote their retell in their writing journal.  Once they were finished, they took their retell and recorded it on the i-pad.  They had a blast watching themselves.

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