Saturday, November 21, 2015


     We have been studying the moon and the different phases.  To help reinforce what is being taught, Discovery Place visited and brought their Plantarium!  It blows up and we went inside.  We learned all about the moon, stars and the planets.  It was so cool!  
         Each day in class, a Moon Watcher is chosen.  That student takes home the moon bag with lots of fun activities to do.  One activity is to go outside after dark and look at the moon.  Draw a picture and record what phase the moon is in.  The next day, the student presents their findings and explains how they determined what phase it was in.  By the end of our study of the moon, everyone will have been the moon watcher.  Stay tuned to see our Pic Collages.  Using our I-pads, we downloaded different photographs of the moon.  After downloading them in Pic Collage, we chose our background and inserted the pictures and added text to each picture explaining why we chose that picture and what we learned.  The last step was to air drop our finished collages to Mrs.Fields' computer so she could post them and print them for our learning wall.  Air dropping 23 collages takes some time to complete.  Stay tuned for more Moon Madness Collages!

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