Tuesday, March 15, 2016


       We had an in-house field trip today from "The Animal Guy".  This was so much fun because the animals they bring in aren't the animals you see in a zoo or in your back yard!  They bring each one out individually and they tell us where they are from originally and interesting facts about that animal.  A picture tells a thousand words and I have posted pictures below so you can see the animals through our photographs.
     We were amazed to see what some of these animals look like up close!  We got to pet the Parrot and listen to him answer the phone when it rings.  He also dances!  When the alligator "Mr. Grumpy Pants"  emerged from his crate, the parrot danced faster and faster.  I guess he was nervous or excited to see him.  We also got to see a scorpion, a huge lizard and the biggest python we have ever seen.  I will add more pictures to the post soon.  Enjoy!

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