Friday, April 14, 2017

The Arctic Tundra Project

Our class researched the Arctic Tundra.  Each student chose an animal.  They learned how to take notes and find important facts using their i-pads. Once the research was complete, they used their notes to create a poster explaining about their animal's habitat, diet, characteristics and fun facts.  Next, they used the information they learned and crested a diorama that shows the animal they made out of model magic and the habitat they live in.  The last important piece of the project was a movie clip using a green screen that depicted the Arctic.  They were dressed in winter coats and hats and shared important facts about their animal.  We created QR codes that linked the movie clip.  When we were all finished, we celebrated by inviting our parents in to share all of our fantastic work.  It was a wonderful learning experience for the Kiddo's and for me!

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