Monday, January 20, 2020


After we practice tapping and writing out new words on their dry erase boards, I read 2 sentences and they have to write the sentences correctly.  One student writes the sentences correctly on chart paper.

We spend a few minutes each day revisiting a Letter Land skill as a spiraling review.

Before we clean up, they enjoy drawing or writing on dry erase boards.  Sweet Marklyn wrote me a note and I had to share it.

After we clean up, we play a game designed as an exit slip.  This gives me feed back to incorporate In the next lesson.  Students are grouped according to their individual needs.  We use word sorts, reading passages to practice fluency and making words using tiles, play doh and writing.  Each student begins each week with an individualized word list based on the weekly checkup given each Friday.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Braelyn and Joshua are playing addition subtraction dice game.  

This is a great way to practice math fact fluency

Aizah and Remi are playing Connect Four using a 100 Board.

Math Stations give the kiddos time to practice newly introduced math concepts taught in the mini lessons.

Math Journals are important to write about what they learned and strategies they used to solve the problems.

Review math games are also an important part of our math stations.  

Sunglasses are a must when playing math games!

Having fun is also a great bonus!

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Our science curriculum this quarter is the study of rocks.  Each student collected 10 rocks. They studied each rock to determine what type of rock it is.  They looked at the color, texture and and shape of each rock to determine what type of rock it is.   

Our class loves mining for gem stones.  We used what we learned in class to determine what type of rocks they were.  Each student found at least 20 rocks to add to their rock collections.  They got to take home the rocks they found.


Thursday Night was Curriculum Night at South.  The parents are invited to the classroom to hear about all the exciting things we have planned for the school year.  We introduce the curriculum and how the parents can help their child at home.  

After we the presentation, the parents and students followed a BINGO choice board to choose what the station they would like to visit. The choice board activities show the parents what their child is learning in reading, math, writing and technology.  They played math games, read books, videoed themselves reading and counting to 150.  They read  some stories they wrote from their writing journal and showed them how to tap out words from Letter Land.  It was a great way to see what their child is learning in school.


Our class loves to play math games.  After our daily math minilesson, the students go to math stations.  They may play a partner game, work at the teachers table to reinforce what we are learning, play a game that aligns with standard being taught or practicing a skill independently.  

We keep a brisk pace in math in order to fit in the minilesson, number talks and math stations.  They work very hard and math stations are fun and an engaging way to learn.

Saturday, August 10, 2019


Our first day of school was awesome!  We are 1st Grade Rockstars!  We took turns posing with our favorite guitar and movie star glasses!  It was a great ice breaker!  Stay tuned for more photos and great ideas on how to start the school year off right.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday Fun With Gingerbread Cookies

     We had a fantastic job decorating the homemade gingerbread cookies that Austin's mom made for us.  What as great way to celebrate the holidays! A huge thank you to Mrs. White for all her hard work!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Look At What We've Been Up To

Our Math Stations Include Time For Students To Discuss Strategies Used To Solve Problems In Each Station.  We also use "turn and talk" to solve math problems.  Two heads are always better than one.  


A fter we practice tapping and writing out new words on their dry erase boards, I read 2 sentences and they have to write the sentences corr...